Outsourcing PRO Service outsourcing full management

Outsourcing PRO Service is good for your business. Are resources in your company or branch reduced when employees retire or quit? Why are you still having problems with this? As a full-service provider, we process about fifth teen million items per year, including five million letters, sorting and sealing about ten million bank statements. We know exactly where to optimize. No matter what initial situation you come to us from, we will find a solution.

Note! Registration of entrepreneurs and companies. For example, online sellers based in a non-EU country, entrepreneurs residing in the other country or continent.

In the department, we work with the largest post office for companies in different countries. The method of work that we use has its advantages, because in the same place we take care of a larger number of customers using services of various levels of outsourcing. Thus, staff in three shifts is busy around the clock and is used efficiently.

Outsourcing PRO Service outsource the full management of facilities. The service provider is already working, creating synergies and lowering costs.

One year for integration. All participants attach great importance to the integration of employees with a service partner. A service provider calls investments in staff development and training, as well as fair remuneration for employees. Optimized procurement from third-party service providers, standardization and packaging of work processes meant higher quality and lower costs for participating companies.

Permission is granted for outsourcing work for teachers and researchers with higher education. Academic assistants who do not have a university degree and student assistance, as well as temporary staff, are free from consent only if mainly scientific support activities are conducted. Laboratory workers, interviewers, etc. are not research workers and are subject to approval.

Foreign doctors working as researchers in university hospitals, who are also employed in the healthcare sector, are free from consent only if scientific activity predominates, i.e. An hour of medical work in the healthcare sector is less than 50 percent of the working time. If the medical activity is designed for further training as a specialist, these are usually not researchers.

Note! Outsourcing PRO Service outsourcing full management.

Registration of entrepreneurs and companies. (E.g. online sellers) based in a non-EU country. Also, entrepreneurs residing in a non-EU country (for example, online merchants) who carry out deliveries or other services in the domestic market (for example, through their own website) or electronic trading platform) must register for tax purposes in Germany.

Domestic sales must be reported to the responsible tax office and the sales tax received must be paid. After informal contact, for example, by e-mail with the responsible tax authority, he will send the questionnaire to the applicant / seller to obtain the necessary information for tax registration. You can also use the questionnaire and application provided in the “Forms” section to contact them. Once the tax registration is completed, the applicant / seller will be notified in writing of the tax number assigned to him. An information sheet is available for these entrepreneurs. The information sheet contains the main provisions of German VAT legislation, as well as information on the entrepreneur’s VAT obligations.

The necessary documents in the questionnaire presented in the “Forms” section and in the appendix indicate what additional documents the entrepreneur must submit to the tax office. If the other tax office is responsible for taxing sales, please ask there which documents should be submitted.

Information sheet: company registration

Companies need to be registered, for example, in the following situations:

  • Using the EUST NEW Procedure.
  • when servicing the distribution center.
  • for other sales in the country (for example, selling goods at fairs / events).
  • for the sale of goods to individuals directly from third countries.