Document management. Professional solutions for documents.

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Do you have a brilliant business idea and want to start a business? Or are you already the proud owner of the company, but don’t know if you are doing everything correctly in your documents? Three experienced professionals in the field of business and business make you and your startup suitable for entering the market, as well as accompany you later.

Document management. Professional solutions for documents.

Any fields are available in document management, such as customer number, order number, manager, etc. The volume and functionality of classical document management systems are almost defined in the standard, which, however, has not become significant.

To distinguish traditional document management products from document visualization, workflow and group software, they often talk about sophisticated document management solutions. They are, for example, for managing product data (see Digital Asset Management) and administering office documents.

Document management in a broader sense. Under the document management system in a broader sense, under various categories of systems and their interaction are understood:

  • document management in the narrow sense,
  • communication in the office,
  • visualization of documents,
  • scanning,
  • the working process,
  • Group software
  • electronic archiving.

Different document management technologies are highly interdependent, and using one component as a rule does not make sense without access to other components. Common to all product categories is that various types of documents — scanned faxes, faxes, office application files, multimedia objects, etc. — are database-based and are independent of traditional hierarchical file management systems.

Using databases allows you to process large amounts of information and have direct access to individual documents and groups of documents. In this context, for example, the visualization area (capture, display and output of scanned documents) should be considered from the point of view of the fact that this is only a special kind of documents. Electronic archiving is entrusted to the workflow environment.

Company Specialist The terms GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services) refer to the interpretation of the term “company specialist”. These are company specialists, persons with special knowledge necessary for the services, research, processes, technologies or management of the company. Classification as a specialist company requires not only the availability of special knowledge for a particular company. The person concerned must also have specialized knowledge. Therefore, he should be able to demonstrate a high level of qualification in relation to a specific activity. The company’s specialists are persons who have special knowledge or experience in connection with their previous professional activities in their field. Specific knowledge or experience may be of particular importance for the internal activities of the company or for foreign economic activity, for example, for the internal development of products or external sales.

The keys to special knowledge and experience stem from the professional career of the person concerned. Tips may also arise from the offered salary. Thus, a significantly higher salary than a local academic or domestic skilled worker indicates that the foreign worker has additional specialized knowledge. This should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Payment may vary by industry and profession. This should correspond to a person with many years of professional experience or significant responsibility. If there are comparable domestic specialists with the same qualifications and job requirements, then the same working conditions should be provided to the specialist of a foreign company.